Travel diary and tips for visiting Delhi in India

Travel diary and tips for visiting Delhi in India


Bathed by the Indian Ocean and bordering many Asian countries such as China and Pakistan, this immense country seduces holidaymakers with its many facets, both historical and cultural. A real land of contrasts, a stay in India is the guarantee of a total change of scenery!

When should you go on holiday to India?

It is difficult to define the ideal season for a stay in India since the climate differs according to the regions. Overall, the winter which extends from November to February remains the best period for tourism in India to discover the whole country, except for the Himalayan regions of the northeast where the months of April to September are the more favorable, the same for the mountains of Kashmir.

What are the Indian culinary specialties?

Indian cuisine will be an integral part of your trip to India. Colourful, spicy and composed mainly of rice, meat curry, vegetables and spices, it is a delicious and world-renowned cuisine that awaits you. Some of the most popular specialties include the famous Tandoori chicken marinated in yogurt and spices, flatbreads called Naan and Biryani, a dish prepared with rice, spices, meat, fish and vegetables. Be aware that Indians eat with their hands and exclusively the right, however most hotel restaurants in India, will give you a fork to enjoy your meal. On the other hand, in small local restaurants or Indian families, you will only be offered a spoon or even no cutlery, a very good way to immerse yourself in Indian culture.

What souvenirs to bring back from India?

Finally, Indian craftsmanship being very varied and holding an important place in the country, you will therefore be spoiled for choice to bring back many souvenirs from your holidays in India: silver jewelry from Rajasthan to beautiful fabrics silk or cashmere, passing through bronze statuettes, terracotta pottery, Bollywood DVDs and traditional clothing.

The most beautiful beaches in the country

India has miles of coastline with some of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you want to add a few relaxing days to your stay in India, head to the southern part of the country. In Goa, Anjuna Beach is the best known and liveliest in southern India. The state of Kerala also has very beautiful beaches: Cochin, Allepey.

South of Thiruvananthapuram is the beautiful coconut palm beach of Kovalam. You can take boat trips with the local fishermen, or simply sunbathe on the fine sand. Another destination renowned for its beaches and seabed is the Andaman Islands, in the Bay of Bengal.

Natural parks

Take the time during this India vacation to visit one of the country’s many national parks.

If you’ve always dreamed of seeing the big Bengal tigers, go to Ranthambore Park in the Rajasthan region and the Palaman Tiger Reserve on the border with Nepal. Elephants are visible at Periyar Wildlife Sanctuary, in the Kerala region.

Treks are organized in the Kashmir region and the mountainous areas of Ladakh and Zanskar are hugely successful for their proximity to the Himalayas.

Another natural curiosity is the Thar Desert, in western India, where you can take camel rides.

Must-see places

To help you prepare for your trip to India, find here the essentials to visit, starting with the north of the country, Rajasthan. Arrived in the capital, New Delhi, discover the Gandhi memorial, the Red Fort and the Jama Masjid mosque. Then drive to the village of Mandawa and the Shekhawati region. Visit the blue city of Jodhpur and Fort Jaisalmer. Take advantage of a flight to India to discover Udaipur, the city of the Maharajas.

In Jaipur, the pink city, excursions on the back of elephants to Amber Fort are organised. The visit to Rajasthan can end with the symbolic Taj Mahal, this white marble palace located in the city of Agra.

Opt for car rental in Indiato visit the south of the country: Madras (or Chennai), the colonial cities of Pondichery and Cochin, the Hindu temples of Trichy and Tanjore, the beaches of Goa and the Bollywood atmosphere in Bombay.

Finally, live a unique human experience in Varanasi, India’s most sacred city, by attending the funeral rites performed on the sacred Ganges river.

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