Is it really worth buying a used luxury car?

Is it really worth buying a used luxury car?


The used vehicle market in France is doing very well. In the collector car sector, he is obviously even the main one. However, the used luxury car market is still struggling to establish itself. For what ? Mainly because of the fear of scams, but also because of the significant penalties that apply to many of these cars.

How to avoid scams when buying a car?

Used vehicle sales scams are often the same whether the vehicle is classic or luxury. In the case of a luxury car, the fears are generally greater because the price of the vehicle is much higher. However, the second-hand market for luxury vehicles precisely attracts enthusiasts who do not necessarily have the means to afford this type of car when they are new.

It is therefore essential to be familiar with all the steps to follow to ensure that you do not get ripped off. In the case of a luxury vehicle sold at a surprisingly low price, it is essential to ensure that the car is not subject to any legal or tax proceedings by requiring a certificate of non-pledge from the selling owner.

Penalties weigh on used luxury cars

Since 2008, the eco-tag imposes a bonus-penalty on vehicles purchased in the territory. Bonuses are obviously given to vehicles that emit the least CO2 and fine particles. They are therefore mainly given to electric and hybrid vehicles. However, the pollution of the manufacture of the batteries obliges to use the vehicle for ten years so that it is less polluting than an equivalent combustion engine.

Luxury vehicles are generally among the most fuel-efficient and polluting. The performance of a thermal engine has a price. As a result, the penalties for the environmental badge weigh heavily on these cars. For many individuals who would gladly buy a used luxury vehicle, it is an additional cost that deters them.

A market that works well thanks to imports

The second-hand luxury vehicle market is not to be pitied, however. It works relatively well and has even allowed the emergence of a new intermediary. Indeed, in the luxury used car market, it is above all the import of foreign vehicles that appeals to the French.

As a result, professionals in the sector have specialized in the purchase and sale of vehicles of this type in the most reputable countries (Germany, England, Italy, etc.). These intermediaries find the best deals. The savings they provide generally offset the cost of penalties.

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