Price of a facade cleaning: our complete guide

Price of a facade cleaning: our complete guide


There are several facade cleaning techniques, some of which are less expensive than others . On the other hand, you do not really have free choice on the techniques to apply, because everything will depend on the nature and the state of your facade. The scope of the work to be carried out will then condition the total amount to be spent. You will find in this guide the different existing facade cleaning techniques with their respective prices to help you assess the expenses to be made.

For an even more precise quote, you can directly contact a service provider in your region via our contact request form , free of charge and without obligation.

Price per m2 of high pressure cleaning

High-pressure cleaning of the facade is more environmentally friendly, as it avoids the use of chemicals. Your surroundings are also protected from the projection of harmful products.

The high-pressure water projection makes it possible to get rid of dirt , mold , but also the worn outer layer of the facade . High-pressure facade cleaning costs between €5 and €20 per m2 .

Price per m2 of chemical cleaning

This facade cleaning process follows the same principle as high-pressure cleaning, but with the addition of chemicals. It costs 10 to 25% more than high pressure cleaning , ie between 6 and 25 € per m2 . Chemical cleaning is only useful if the soiling resists cleaning with water.

It consists of cleaning the facade with water, at very low pressure and at regular intervals. The nebulization is applied to the upper contours of the facade , and makes it possible to avoid saltpetre and efflorescence for a price between 15 and 20 € per m2 .

Price per m2 of a peel

The peeling consists of spraying the facade with a layer of chemical product to be peeled after some time off. Molds and impurities come off with this peeled part. It is the ideal technique for cleaning the facade of old and delicate houses. Count around 25 € per m2 for a peeling cleaning.

Price per m2 of scrubbing or airbrushing

Instead of chemicals, alumina or glass beads are sprayed on your facade to remove dirt. Scrubbing or airbrushing is applied to brick, concrete, wood and stone walls. Airbrushing is recommended when the walls of the facade are thin (less than 20 cm thick). Allow 20 to 35 € per m2 for facade cleaning by scrubbing.

Price per m2 of hydrogommage

Hydrogumming consists of high-pressure cleaning delicate facades by mixing water, air and aggregates. This process makes it possible to remove dirt, rust, graffiti, but also paint. It is effective on concrete, stone, brick and wood. Façade cleaning by hydrogumming costs between 20 and 25 € per m2 .

Price per m2 for facade steam cleaning

This process consists of applying a temperature of 100 to 150 degrees to the water to obtain the steam that will strip the facade. The price of thermal steam cleaning starts at €5 per m2 .

Facade steam cleaning

Price per m2 of facade cleaning by sanding

Sanding the exterior walls is only interesting in the context of facade cleaning to remove varnish and paint residues . Mechanical sanding costs around €12 per m2 , but can be applied by the facade designer as a simple additional cleaning to remove stubborn dirt from time to time .

Summary table: price per m2 of facade cleaning

The following price summary table already includes the costs of the professional who takes care of the facade cleaning.

Hiring a company to clean your facade: what are the interests?

Cleaning the facade is risky : it is neat work to be done at height. Facade designers and facade restoration companies take the necessary safety measures when they intervene on site concerning the use of scaffolding and chemical products. Moreover, the use of scaffolding is regulated, and must be preceded by a request for authorization if it disturbs the road.

The facade designer or the facade renovation company takes advantage of their intervention to diagnose the condition of your walls and suggest the next steps to take.

The facade cleaning techniques used by the professional are those that best correspond to the nature and condition of your facade .

You also have the guarantee of a job well done and respectful of standards .

Precautions to be taken when cleaning a facade

For cleaning work that respects standards and the environment, you must find out about certain subjects from the town hall and the company you are going to hire:

Some cleaning chemicals can be dangerous to those around you and surrounding plants. It is better to make sure of this with

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